Уроки для детей и школьников от 4 до 17 лет. На них можно узнать новое, полюбить предмет, подтянуть оценки, прокачать знания или освоить новое хобби.
It is definitely my happy place! A place where you can stop stressing about the coming school year with its grades and exams or worrying about what other people think of you. You can just have fun and learn to be happy in your own skin.

I met awesome people from all over the world — Europe, the UK, Argentina, even from New Zealand, can you imagine that?! I hope that we'll keep in touch (thank god we have social media), and I'll visit them one day.

You guys know that I'm into computers and stuff. But here, I've found a passion for the outdoors I thought I would never have. Those evenings by the campfire are the best!

I'm saying goodbye to the camp this summer and already looking forward to coming back next year.